About Us

The Woods Chapel United Methodist Church Adoption Resource Foundation exists to provide support to families who want to adopt. This Foundation was established out of a love for children by members of Woods Chapel United Methodist Church.

The Foundation strives to bring together the waiting children and the wanting families by providing information and financial aid.

Seven Initiatives

The Adoption Resource Foundation operates under seven initiatives:

  • Prepare individuals and families for the adoption process--what to expect during and after

  • Help individuals and families find reputable agencies to complete their adoption

  • Help individuals and families who are burdened by adoption costs

  • Provide assistance and create awareness for the basic needs of adopted children

  • Heighten public awareness of children waiting to be adopted.

  • Help fund orphan and adoption projects

  • Offer scholarship aid to adoptive families

Our Board

Board Members

  • Brian Conaty, Director

  • Heather Fraker

  • Kristi Herschberger

  • Lydia Kirkham

  • Billie McClain

  • Larry Smith

  • Courtney Coffman Cooper


In Memory of Dave Coffman, Founding Father of the ARF Organization